VividGro GroMax 240-4K-96-3-ALP Great Veg Light (Sale)


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VividGro GroMax 240-4K-96-3-ALP Great Veg Light (Sale)

  • Brand: VividGro
  • SKU: FG-08015
  • Free_Shipping: No
  • Made in USA: No
-Bright, cool, touchable, high quality light ideal for growing -Lightweight design aluminum fixture for long life and decreased weight -Slim width for customized uniformity and PPFD -Easy installation for vertical applications or free hanging -Low profile—less than 1.5” in height; grow within inches of canopy -Energy efficient—extremely low heat allows plants to be inches away from light -LED Protection – easy to clean acrylic lens protects against dust and spray Specifications: PAR Efficacy Up to 2.6 umol/J* PAR Maintenance Life 50,000 hours L70 or 36,000 hours Q90 minimum Color Temperature Choice – 3000 K, 4000 K, 5000 K Beam Angle 120° Power Output 600 W to 850 W per fixture available Input Voltage 110 – 488 V AC Fixture Power 48 V DC Low Voltage Dimensions 44” x 44” x 1.5” Weight 17 lb Housing White Aluminum Mounting Rack Mounted or Free Hanging Certifications FCC, RoHS, UL, CSA IP Rating IP 63 with IP 65 Optional For Custom Apps Warranty–Fixture 5 Year Limited Warranty—Power System Up to 7 Years

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