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  • Super Natural Green Stay 1 Liter

    Used to maintain green lower leaves needed to fuel fruit production Green Stay helps revive and refresh plants experiencing natural stress during the flowering cycle and should be used at the first sign of stress. Green Stay aids against; calcium magnesium and iron deficiencies.

    Retail: $63.59

    Special Price $46.14

  • Super Natural Rootburst Powder 6oz (SPECIAL ORDER ITEM)

    With superior stem adhesion and penetrating action Rootburst Powder is a high quality hormone formula that maintains the vibrancy of cuttings throughout the rooting phase ensuring lush and vigorous plant growth during the vegetative stage. EPA Reg. No. 83527-1.

    Retail: $96.89

    Special Price $68.92

  • Super Natural Ultimate Thrive 1 Liter

    Helping to maintain a vigorous root environment and to promote seed germination Ultimate Thrive is a liquid macro and micro supplement used throughout the entire feeding program to aid the growth of energetic plants full of vibrant colors and heavy fruit loads.

    Retail: $63.59

    Special Price $44.53

  • Super Natural Bud Blaster 10 kg

    Used to promote increased flower size and quality Bud Blaster ensures a strong final ripening stage.

    Retail: $1,496.29

    Special Price $956.23