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  • Nature's Solution Organic Mycorrhizae 8oz

    Nature's Solution Mycorrhizae is a concentrated water-soluble form of microbes for planting and transplanting. This is a fertilizer that aids nutrient uptake. Contains a diversity of microbes: 6 endomycorrhizal fungi species and 5 ectomycorrhizal fungi species. 8 ounces makes 160 gallons. 1 lb makes 320 gallons. Allowed for organic production.

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  • Natures Solutions Organic Sea Kelp 8oz

    Nature's Solution Sea Kelp is a concentrated water-soluble powdered form of fertilizer. Sea Kelp adds minerals from the sea. Use on all indoor and outdoor plants. Apply to gardens vegetables and lawns. Mix 1 tablespoon of dry kelp with 2.5 gallons of water. Apply every 2 weeks for lawns. Apply every 3-4 weeks for flowers shrubs gardens vegetables and trees. Use directly on soil on spray on plants. Store sea kelp at room temperature. Use only as directed. Bag treats 2500 sq. ft. (232 sq. meters) 6.5 ozs./1000 ft2. 8 ounces makes 40 gallons. Allowed for organic production.

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