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  • General Hydroponics FloraNectar Sugar Cane Gallon

    The scientists at General Hydroponics have formulated FloraNectar to optimize the greatest transference of sweetness and aroma into your fruits and flowers. FloraNectar contains all-natural raw cane sugar molasses malt syrup select plant based esters L-amino acids organic acids vitamins and essential minerals.This unique blend of ingredients helps your plants regulate enzymes that trigger specific reactions involved in maintaining optimal metabolism. This allows your plants to achieve a balance between respiration and photosynthesis in high intensity growing environments where the rate of respiration can sometimes exceed the rate of photosynthesis.As a result FloraNectar ensures optimal metabolic rates during the flowering and fruiting phase when nitrogen levels have been reduced. FloraNectar also promotes a sturdier plant structure during the vegetative phase when high levels of nitrogen are present.FloraNectar fulfills the additional energy requirements of your plants throughout all phases of growth and during stressful times of transition.;

    Retail: $58.80

    Special Price $42.13

  • General Hydroponics Flora Kleen 15 Gallon (FREIGHT ONLY SHIPPING or Local pick up)

    FLORAKLEEN Salt Clearing Solution FloraKleen removes fertilizer residue that can accumulate over time in hydroponic systems growing media and potting soils. Use FloraKleen monthly to purge your hydroponic system or potted plants of excess salts that can accumulate as a result of regular fertilizer application. FloraKleen is an excellent final flush and can be used at any time to dissolve mineral and salt buildup. Its high concentration and low price make FloraKleen the economical choice for maintaining your plants in both hydroponic and soil based environments.

    Retail: $310.50

    Special Price $201.83

  • General Hydroponics FloraNectar Pineapple Rush 6 Gallon

    PineappleRush is the newest flavor by General Hydroponics. Infused with pineapple essence your plants will get a sugar rush everytime you use it!General Hydroponic's scientists have formulated both FloraNectar PineappleRush and FruitnFusion to optimize the greatest transference of sweetness and aroma into your fruits and flowers.;

    Retail: $262.50

    Special Price $180.01

  • General Hydroponics pH Up 8 oz Base, Case of 12

    To maximize plant growth the pH content of your nutrients should be slightly acidic. Experienced growers consider the ideal pH for most crops to fall between 5.5 and 6.5. Users of General Hydroponics nutrient products generally do not experience problems maintaining the proper pH range because our formulas are pH buffered. However some important exceptions do exist. Acid content can reach unacceptable levels when nutrient solutions are mixed with poor quality water or pH unstable media - such as rock wool and gravel products - are used and when high plant growth rates destabilize the nutrient mix due to rapid nutrient absorption by the crop.pH Up: Base formulated using Potassium Hydroxide and Potassium Carbonate. Add a little at a time if your nutrient pH is too low in order to raise the pH to the proper level.

    Retail: $90.48

    Special Price $59.71

  • General Hydroponics CaliMagic 1 Quart

    CALiMAGicTM is a concentrated blend of readily available Calcium and Magnesium. It is formulated to assist fast growing plants by preventing secondary nutrient deficiencies. CALiMAGic helps optimize plant nutrition and enhances plant growth and development while preventing blossom end rot and tip burn in many crops such as tomatoes and lettuce as well as other Calcium intensive plants.

    Retail: $16.20

    Special Price $15.39