General Organics Go Box Starter Kit


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General Organics Go Box Starter Kit

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    Includes one of each of the following General Organics products (8 nutrients total):
  • one 16 oz BioThrive Grow
  • one 16 oz BioThrive Bloom
  • one 8 oz CaMg+
  • one 8 oz BioRoot
  • one 8 oz BioWeed
  • one 8 oz BioBud
  • one 8 oz BioMarine
  • one 8 oz Diamond Black
  • Brand: General Hydroponics
  • SKU: GH5100
  • UPC: 793094051002
  • Hydrofarm SKU: N/A
  • Hawthorne (Sunlight) SKU: 726846
  • Free_Shipping: No
  • Made in USA: No
  • Nutrient Size: 1-5 gallon

Includes 1 16oz BioThrive Grow, 1 16oz BioThrive Bloom, 1 8oz CaMg+, 1 8oz BioRoot, 1 8oz BioWeed, 1 8oz BioBud, 1 8oz BioMarine, 1 8oz Diamond Black

Customer Reviews

Great box for all growers Review by Marshall
This product is great abd aslo includes the feed chart... (Posted on 12/9/2016)
Worth every penny! Review by meesh
I have bought the go box twice now, you can't really beat the price if you are looking for a comprehensive and cheap package deal on nutrients. I have mainly used these nutrients in hydroponics but have used the diamond black and bio marine in my outdoor soil garden with exellent results. I only had a small 8 by 10' garden this year, with 12 tomato plants, and was harvesting up to 50 tomatoes a day(even in the crazy heat), which is definately not the norm for my soil! I almost couldn't can my tomatoes fast enough. This is truly a great introduction into organically fertigating hydroponic systems and soils since it has very easy to understand feeding instructions and schedules right on the box, as well as a detailed description of each nutrient. I would recommend the go box to anyone who is just starting out with home growing as well as anyone who just loves a good deal. (Posted on 10/17/2012)

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