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  • DM Max Vegetative Boost 5L (Invalid SKU)

    Dutch Master MAX is the legendary plant tonic released in Australia many years ago. Now Australia's favorite, MAX will be a winner in your garden too!

      Creates specialized nutrient sinks within the plant which allow the plant to maintain full accelerated growth patterns if the supply from the roots becomes compromised in any way, for short periods of time. Maintains flower health, color and freshness and allows flowers to remain in their peak state for longer.


    NPK: 1-1-5


    Retail: $67.95

    Special Price $46.99

  • Whitmire Heavy Weight 4L

    • Adds size and weight to flowering plants
    • Enhances Phosphate interaction with other plant nutrients
    • Improves and regenerates beneficial soil micro-organism population, which in turn produce organic acids, humus and plant nutrients
    • Dramatically enhances Phosphates function in plants, which in turn enhances fruiting, flowering and plant sugar production.


    Retail: $35.90

    Special Price $24.32