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  • GrowoniX Premium Quality KDF85/Catalytic Carbon Mix

    Premium quality KDF85/Catalytic carbon mix for Grownix GOEX100 GOGX150 GOGX200 GOGX300 GOGX400 & Mini Scrub. *Flush 5 Gallons before attaching to membrane housing GOCF-2510-GB for GrowoniX GOEX100/200/400 GOGX150/200/300/400 & Mini Scrub.

    Retail: $39.00

    Special Price $35.10

  • HydroLogic DM-2 Industrial Dual TDS Monitor

    Measure the untreated water coming in vs. the purified water going out of your Reverse Osmosis system at any time. This is important in determining when the RO membranes need to be changed.

    Auto-Off function conserves battery power. The unit shuts off automatically after 20 seconds.

    90 ppm, the resolution is in 10 ppm increments, indicated by a blinking 'x10' image.

    Factory calibrated: all meters are calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCl solution. Meters can be recalibrated.

    Comes equipped with a 1/2" inlet and 3/8" outlet. Quick Connect T-fittings for Merlin-Garden Pro or Tall Blue-Merlin for quick install.


    Retail: $75.00

    Special Price $56.25

  • HydroLogic Tube Snips

    Safely and neatly trim your hydroponic tubing in a snap

    Retail: $10.50

    Special Price $9.97

  • HydroLogic Union connector 1/4 in

    1/4" union connector for Hydro-Logic Reverse Osmosis water-filtration systems. Viva la union!

    Retail: $4.75

    Special Price $4.51

  • HydroLogic Union connector 3/8 in

    3/8" union connector for Hydro-Logic Reverse Osmosis water-filtration systems. Viva la union!

    Retail: $5.00

    Special Price $4.75

  • HydroLogic Small Boyx1/4 in Quick Connector

    .25" quick connector for the hydro-Logic Small Boy De-chlorinator & sediment filter.


    Retail: $6.50

    Special Price $6.17

  • HydroLogic Stealth RO100/200 Flush Kit for Membrane(s)

    This kit Power flushes Stealth-RO membrane(s) to extend life of the unit. 


    Retail: $19.00

    Special Price $18.05

  • Hydrologic Big Boy with Upgraded KDF85/Catalytic Carbon Filter

    Big Boy extra high capacity de-chlorinator and sediment filter with upgraded KDF85/Catalytic Carbon filter. 50,000Gallon filter life. Can be used as a whole house or for stand alone applications.


    Retail: $505.00

    Special Price $377.50

  • GrowoniX Replacement Carbon (Green Block)

    Coconut Carbon Filter— Green Block; Green Coco: NFS61 Listed Greencarbon. High flow with a low carbon footprint. Superior chlorine removal

    Replacment Carbon (Green Block) for GrowoniX EX100/200/400, GX150/200/300/400 & Mini Scrub

    Retail: $16.50

    Special Price $14.85

  • GrowoniX Replacment Pleated Sediment Filter (small)

    High flow pleated Sediment filter: This is a washable, reusable, and durable sediment filter with very low pressure drop. Bacteria and chemical resistant. Great for high flow applications and extended time between filter changes. Comes standard in most GrowoniX water filters.

    GOSF-2510-PL works for GrowoniX GOEX100, GOGX150, GOGX200, GOGX300, GOGX400 & Mini Scrub.

    Retail: $14.50

    Special Price $13.05

  • GrowoniX Green Coco Carbon Filter for EX/GX600-1000

    Eco Green Block Carbon Filter for GX600/1000/Lil' Boss

    4.5" x 9.75", 10 Micron, Coconut Carbon

    Retail: $56.67

    Special Price $51.00

  • HydroLogic Tall Boy De-chlorinator & Sediment Filter Complete System

    Removes up to 99% of chlorine and 90% of sediment, rust, silt, etc. @ 2 GPM. Easily produces 1200 gallons per hour of clear water filtered down to 5 microns. Filter capacity of 7,500 gallons.


    Retail: $183.95

    Special Price $137.50

  • HydroLogic Tall Boy Carbon Filter 20 in

    Replacement carbon filter for Tall Blue Merlin-Garden Pro pre-filter unit.

    Retail: $31.00

    Special Price $22.81

  • HydroLogic Small Boy Replacement Sediment Filter Only

    Replacement sediment filter for Small Boy RO filter.

    Retail: $11.00

    Special Price $10.45

  • Garden Hose Adapter

    Garden hose adapter for Spectrapure Eliminator series filters

    Purified water grows healthier, more beautiful and longer-lasting plants than ordinary tap water. Your plants will flourish with our"better-than-rain" quality water. SpectraPure manufactures a wide range of the highest quality water purification equipment available.

    Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water
    • Maximizes nutrient uptake for faster growth and greater yields.
    • Eliminates harmful mineral build-up which damages delicateroot hairs.
    • Stabilizes pH of recirculating rockwool, NFT and Ebb & Flowhydroponic systems.
    • Ultra-high rejection TFC membrane eliminates up to 99% of harmful minerals, fluorides, chlorides, alkalinity, heavy metals, agricultural and industrial pollutants, chloramine, PCB's, MTBE, and arsenic.

    Retail: $9.95

    Special Price $9.45

  • HydroLogic Big Boy Carbon Filter

    Carbon filter for Big Boy


    Retail: $77.95

    Special Price $60.00

  • HydroLogic Flowmaster Meter, 3/8" - 0.2-2 GPM flow rates

    The Flowmaster measures how many gallons of filtered water have gone through the system and alerts you when it's time to change filters. You can program in the filter capacity and when you reach the target number of gallons the Flowmaster beeps. This is important for knowing when to change the pre-filter for the Merlin-Garden Pro. It also ensures your system runs at its peak efficiency at removing contaminants. Available in 3/8" quick connect for the Merlin-Garden Pro & Tall Boy.

    Retail: $59.00

    Special Price $43.88

  • HydroLogic Float Valve 3/8 inch

    Float Valve 3/8", maintains proper water level in your system

    Retail: $19.00

    Special Price $15.20

  • HydroLogic Float Valve 1/4 inch

    Float Valve 1/4", maintains proper water level in your system

    Retail: $19.00

    Special Price $15.20

  • HydroLogic KDF85 Heavy Duty Replacement Carbon Filter for Small Boy/Stealth (HL22060)

    Now chloramines, iron, hydrogen sulphide and heavy metals don't stand a chance against Hydro-Logic's newest offering in replacement filters for all their water filter units. KDF85 is the most advanced media that one can use when it comes to filtering water along with pre-treating water before Reverse Osmosis filters. KDF85 not only has incredible chlorine and chloramines removal capabilities but it can also be successfully used for those on well or spring water sources to remove many other contaminants that can cause major problems in your garden. Nutrient lockout can be caused by several factors in water quality.  Water high in iron and sulfur can be very common problems that lead to decreased yield and quality. These contaminants can also quickly foul Reverse Osmosis membranes, so pre-treating the water and removing them is crucial to a properly operating filter system. KDF85 replacement filters are available for all Hydro-Logic's Reverse Osmosis and de-chlorinating filters. Your beneficial micro-organisms will thrive and be at their healthiest population by removing these harmful substances. Your plants will thank you with bountiful harvest and superior quality. Pure water's not magic, it's logic!



    Retail: $39.00

    Special Price $31.25

  • HydroLogic Stealth Ro Carbon Replacement Green Carbon Filter for Stealth Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

    Replacement Carbon filter for the Stealth Reverse Osmosis filtration System, (HLRO100).

    Retail: $16.50

    Special Price $15.67

  • HydroLogic Stealth RO Pleated/Cleanable Replacement Sediment Filter #22125

    Replacement filter for Stealth RO100 Customized Reverse Osmosis Filter (HLRO100).

    Retail: $14.50

    Special Price $13.77

  • Active Aqua 100 GPD RO Membrane

    A true thin film composite (TFC) reverse osmosis membrane made from high quality TFC sheets - tested and proven to be the best material available for membrane applications. Rated for 100 or 150 gallons per day with a stabilized salt rejection of 98.6%. Fits most standard RO membrane housings.

    Retail: $58.95

    Special Price $45.98

  • Ideal H2O Premium Green Coconut Carbon Filter - 2 in x 20 in

    The Ideal H2O® Premium Coconut Carbon Filter removes 200% more chlorine, chloramine, and other harmful VOC's than standard GAC filters. Manufactured with Eco-friendly coconut carbon. These filters work with Hydro-logic™ systems as well as Ideal H2O® systems.

    Retail: $31.59

    Special Price $23.40

  • HydroLogic Leak Protector & Shut Off Valve 1/2 in (SPECIAL ORDER)

    Installs on inlet line. If there is a leak anywhere in the system and water reaches the pad on the bottom of the leak protector the valve shuts off all incoming water preventing further damage from the leak. Pads are replaceable. Comes with 2 pads double sided mounting tape and stainless steel mounting screws.

    Retail: $29.95

    Special Price $23.40

  • HydroLogic Pump Protector & Inlet Filter 1/2 in

    Protects booster pump from sediment and other particles. Cleanable stainless steel mesh screen. Clear housing. 1/2" fittings included to hook directly onto inlet of pump. Mandatory for pump unless a Pre-Evolution for your Evolution-RO1000 or a Tall Blue pre-filter for your Merlin-Garden Pro. Works with all pumps with 1/2" connections.

    Retail: $24.95

    Special Price $19.96

  • HydroLogic Merlin GP Sediment Filter

    The Carbon Filter is the carbon block pre-filter that will remove sediment chlorine organic chemicals etc. The Sediment Filter is a pre-filter that will remove silt rust sand etc. The Merlin-Garden Pro comes with two of these RO membranes elements. As long as you keep the pre-filteres clean or your inlet water is not beyond the recommended parameters these should last 2-4 years. When it is time to replace them you need to get a pair.

    Retail: $25.95

    Special Price $20.80