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  • General Hydroponics AeroFlo2-20 Site Aeroponics System

    The AeroFlo2 twenty site system is an excellent choice for growing small crops such as lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, basil, and other herbs. Varieties of flowers and tomatoes, which do not grow taller than three feet, will also do well. The AF220 system includes everything you need to get started, and will work beautifully when placed near a sunny window in your home or office.

    Retail: $444.50

    Special Price $346.45

  • General Hydroponics AeroFlo2 - 60 Sites Extension (60 sites)

    Our largest AeroFlo2 unit, the AF260, features sixty plant sites. Growers who wish to expand this system can enjoy a total of one hundred and twenty plant sites with the addition of our AeroFlo2 60 Extension Unit. Users can choose either to configure the grow chambers on the same side or to stagger them in order to cover a larger area or to grow larger plants. The AF260 and Extension Unit feature the generous 40 gallon Panda reservoir.

    Retail: $989.95

    Special Price $773.44

  • General Hydroponics AeroFlo2 - 36 Sites

    Designed specifically for indoor cultivation under a grow light, the AF236 site system offers 36 plant sites in a compact footprint. It also features the generous 40-gallon Panda reservoir.

    Retail: $989.95

    Special Price $773.44

  • General Hydroponics Aeroflo 18

    With a 17-gallon reservoir and 18 plant sites, the AeroFlo² 18 site is perfect for those who want a compact, high performance system, particularly well-suited to growing lettuce, basil, and other small plants up to three feet in height.

    The AeroFlo 18 is sized 2' x 5' 2"

    This system includes:
    • 17 gallon reservoir
    • Three 4 ft. grow chambers
    • waterPower 120 pump
    • injection manifold
    • support structure
    • 3" grow cups
    • CocoTek Coco cups and Hydroton
    • 3 part Flora Kit


    Retail: $452.50

    Special Price $394.55

  • Micro Garden Aeroponic with lid

    Grow large in a very small space with the MICROGARDEN -
    The perpetual growth machine. The MICROGARDEN is a multi-method Hydrogarden that is perfect for propagating plants or nourishing and watering seedlings. It holds a 1020 seeding tray containing (72) 1.5" starter plugs or (200) 3/4" plugs.

    (Ebb & Flow Unit Pictured Above)


    Retail: $358.95

    Special Price $256.03

  • Entire System - General Hydroponics Rain Forest Modular 236 with vortex sprayer

    For propagating cuttings or for quick-starting seeds, seedlings, or transplants, no hydroponic system exists that will match the performance of the RainForest. The Vortex Sprayer lifts and oxygenates nutrient solution then gently distributes over cutting base or root system, giving you the most oxygen in the root zone possible. This system is ideal for starting plants or even for growing plants to maturity and harvest. Many growers choose to start their plants in RainForest modules and later transplant them into larger systems like our WaterFarm. Several RainForest modules can be connected to a Texas Controller for larger installations.

    Retail: $307.50

    Special Price $239.85