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  • EZ-Clone Low Pro 32 Site Cutting System, Black

    EZ-CLONE is proud to introduce the brand new 16 and 32 Site Low Pro Systems. The overall height has been reduced, while increasing the structural integrity of the new proprietary Lid and Reservoir. It is manufactured from durable UV protected HDPE plastic. The Lid has alpha numeric symbols formed directly into the plastic, which allows simple identification of multiple strains of cuttings, and comes with four way finger slots for improved Cloning Collar extraction. The Reservoir has an increased lip height, with an extended flange and drainage gutters, to ensure a leakproof design. These smaller Systems utilize the same great Aeroponic Misting Technology as all of our larger systems. It's perfect for cloning a variety of plants in small areas.


    Retail: $249.95

    Special Price $199.95

  • Current Culture 3 inch Spin Tight Bulkhead

    improve ease of use and increase the longevity of the growth mods by reducing the stresses incurred on the plastic. These extremely useful bulkheads can be used in a wide variety of applications such as hydroponics, aquaculture or anywhere there is a need to create a union between large reservoirs of water or nutrient solution. These exceptionally durable bulkheads are made in California of 100% recycled Zenoy plastic.

    Retail: $14.50

    Special Price $12.75

  • HydroLogic 1/2 inch Natural tubing 250 feet per roll

    1/2 natural-colored tubing comes in 250 foot roll"

    Retail: $130.00

    Special Price $77.50

  • HydroLogic Stealth-RO Filter Housing w/ black cap 3/8inch

    Replacement filter housing for Stealth-RO units. Clear sump with male threads and double o-ring black cap with female threads 3/8 FNPT ports. Can be used for either the carbon or sediment filter."

    Retail: $28.00

    Special Price $21.19

  • HydroLogic Evolution-RO1000 RO Membrane Element

    Standard membrane included with system.;Two are needed for Evolution system.

    Retail: $184.95

    Special Price $143.44

  • Raindrip1/4inch Tubing 50ft

    Premium Grade Drip Watering TubingFlexible in cool temperaturesStrong in the hot sunCan be left out year round buried on the surface in any weather.No cracking or UV deterioration

    Retail: $8.66

    Special Price $7.83

  • Hydrofarm 1/2inch Rubber Grommet pack of 25

    Rubber grommet will provide a watertight seal in DIY systems. For use with 1/2 connectors.;"

    Retail: $11.95

    Special Price $10.19

  • PLANT!T Big Float Auto Top-up Kit

    The PLANT!T BigFloat Auto Top-Up kit lets you connect a secondary header tank to your existing reservoirs - then using gravity and a low-pressure float valve it automatically tops-up and maintains nutrient levels in your system. Spend less time filling and inspecting yourtanks and protect your plants from drying out if your reservoir runs low. No pump required. The kit contains everything you need - simply attach to the header tank of your choice up to 400L (sold separately). Kit contains:1 x 2 meters 13mm Flexible Pipe1 x 13mm Barbed Tee1 x 13mm Nut & Tail with 3/4 BSP1 x 13mm Poly to Hose Connector1 x Grey Low Pressure Float Valve"

    Retail: $24.95

    Special Price $19.96

  • Air Reducer Ring Kit

    Organic Air Reducer Ring Kit adapts a 5;or 6" filter to a 4" flange."

    Retail: $14.99

    Special Price $14.24

  • EZ-Clone 360 Replacement Mister, EACH

    Replacement spray head for EZ-Clone systems

  • Super Sprouter Neoprene Insert 2in Orange, EACH

    Super Sprouter inserts are available in a variety of different colors including yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, red and black. The use of different colors allows you to separate plants by species or age. No need for plant markers. Neoprene material is soft enough to not hurt the stem, but strong enough to support large cuttings. Built in T groove slot, makes inserting the cutting easy. Holds moisture without over saturating. Versatile the Super Sprouter inserts fit in most cloning machines.
  • Ecoplus Medium Round Air Stone Diffuser 10 Pack

    Each stone is individually bagged with header card including UPC code.

    Retail: $29.95

    Special Price $15.75

  • EcoPlus Air Stone Disc 8in round disc *S*

    The Active Aqua EXTRA LARGE 8 1/2" air stone disc is a great way to add oxygen to your hydroponic growing system. The micro-pore design energizes your growing solution as it aerates and circulates your nutrients. It will extend the life of your nutrient solutions, help keep your roots healthy, and promote exceptional growth.


    Retail: $24.95

    Special Price $19.96

  • HydroLogic Stealth RO 200 Replacement Carbon Sediment Filter 2 Membrane Osmosis

    Replacement filter for Stealth RO100 Customized Reverse Osmosis Filter (HLRO100).

    Retail: $220.00

    Special Price $200.00

  • Active Aqua 200 Reverse Osmosis System

    This 3-stage reverse osmosis unit is ideal for fresh water applications, drinking and more. Comes with 1-micron sediment filtration, a carbon block for VOC reduction and a TFC membrane. Also includes quick connect fittings, a shut-off valve, a filter wrench for easy cartridge replacement, and hose bib feed adaptor. 3-year limited warranty. Made in the USA. High efficiency 1-micron sediment pre-filter High capacity chlorine guzzler carbon block pre-filter High flow/high rejection TFC membrane (the best on the market!) 160 PSI pressure gauge marked with operating and unsafe ranges Solid aluminum mounting bracket Clear 10 inch filter cartridge housings

    Retail: $249.95

    Special Price $187.46

  • HydroLogic Blue Stealth RO Low Pressure High Flow Membrane 200 GPD

    These membranes are standard equipment in our SP, CHP, MPRO, MPDI RO/DI, and the MPDW Drinking Water Systems. All 25 to 90 GPD membranes will fit in our standard membrane housing. The Standard Membrane is also available as a replacement option for most competitors' reverse osmosis systems.


    Retail: $99.95

    Special Price $78.00

  • Current Culture Net Pot 8 inch

    The new CCH2O 8 inch Net Pot was designed and made exclusively for Current Culture H2O and the Under Current systems. The CCH2O 8 inch Net Pot incorporates unique features like an oversized reinforced lip, light proof upper portion, and integrated planting shelf. CCH2O 8 inch Net Pots now come standard on all Under Current and UC Solo Systems. Custom molded from recycled ABS. Made in CA.

    Retail: $4.95

    Special Price $4.50

  • Current Culture Lid 8 inch *S*

    All module lids are made of durable ABS plastic and are interchangeable on both the 8 gal. and 13 gal. growth module. Each lid features an air inlet hole and finger hole for easy viewing/moving. Lids are made to accommodate CCH2O Net Pots or Heavy Duty Net Pots. The new series of CCH2O Lids were designed and made exclusively for Current Culture H2O and the Under Current systems. Incorporating unique features like clip over fit, extra heavy duty reinforced ribbing, air hose inlets and an integrated port-hole for quick root and water level checks. CCH2O Lids now come standard on all Under Current and UC Solo Systems. Custom molded from recycled ABS, CCH2O Lids are available with an 8 inch hole, 5.5 inch hole or NO hole to be used as an Epicenter Lid. Made in CA.

    Retail: $23.95

    Special Price $20.93

  • Current Culture 3 in Uni-Seal

    Made of DuPont Alcryn rated to 40 psi and warranted for 25 years. They are immune to cold, will not harden and hold pressure and vacuum. All sizes correspond to standard Schedule 40 PVC pipe. Fit tank wall thicknesses up to 1/2". UniSeals are used in all Under Current Systems and are suitable for any garden application. Made in USA.

    Retail: $6.29

    Special Price $4.80

  • HydroLogic Stealth RO200 Flow Restrictor PART

    Replaces standard Stealth RO 100 & Stealth RO 200 flow restrictors to save 50% of the drain water. Gives a 1:1 ratio. Save more water!

    Retail: $9.50

    Special Price $9.02

  • General Hydroponics 1/2" Blue Tubing, 100' Roll

    Blue 1/2" fill-and-drain tubing. Used to connect WaterFarm modules together and to controllers, to connect controller sections to each other, and as the standard tubing in many other hydroponic systems.

    Retail: $35.99

    Special Price $26.88

  • Element Green & Grow Garden Hose 50ft

    The Element Green and Grow hose is truly a game changer with all of the features that today's organic gardener is looking for: lead free kink resistant phthalate safe drinking water safe hose with high performance stainless steel couplings and a high burst strength.50' 5/8 hoseHigh performance stainless steel couplingsLead freeDrinking water safePhthalate safeKink resistantLimited lifetime warranty;;;;"

    Retail: $29.95

    Special Price $22.46

  • Botanicare OD Black Flood Table 3 foot x 6 foot 3x6 (FREIGHT OR PICKUP ONLY)

    THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES FREIGHT SHIPPING. LOCAL PICKUP REQUIRED, CALL 810-299-2900 FOR DETAILS. Not all spaces are designed the same and some measure out to an exact size. For these compact spots Botanicare has developed new Outside Dimension Trays. These trays sit in the precise footprint that their name suggests and fit easily into all growing tents on the market. The Botanicare OD trays available only in black ABS plastic are formed with an easy to clean diagonal drainage grid to direct water towards drainage fittings. Superior rigidity over other OD trays on the market these new OD trays are an economical purchase for the space minded consumer.>

    Retail: $134.45

    Special Price $104.87

  • HydroLogic Polyethylene Tubing, 25', White, 1/2"

    Hydrologic's reverse osmosis filter tubing in white. Sold in lengths of 25 feet with an outer dimension of 1/2" and an inner dimension of 3/8". Extra tubing can be useful for customizing your indoor hydroponic water filtration system. Also available in 50' lengths in black and blue, 1/4" and 3/8" outer dimensions.

    Retail: $14.95

    Special Price $14.20