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  • CLIPPER Bio-D / 2 inx2 in packs of 24,24 packs/case

    The CLIPPER BioD*: for EZ Cloner, Power Cloner, Clone Machine, and traditional soil applications

    *Manufactured from Tencel, a biodegradable fiber

    Sure To Grow products are designed to benefit growers and users by using a unique substrate and a technology designed for the 21st century. Sure To Grow is lighter, cleaner, and much less bulky than any other medium currently on the market. You will find that with Sure To Grow, less is truly more.

    A revolutionary way to grow your crops in net pots and buckets! The new STG inserts are easy to use, and with no need to condition or pre-clean, they are ready to use right out of the box. Sized to fit most net pots and buckets, and are compatible with all major growing systems and methods such as: Flood and Drain, Aeroponics, Top drip, DWC, Raft and Fogponics.

    Recommended for long-term crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers or plants with a large root mass.

    • Available in 10 sizes ranging from a 2" cloner to a 2 gallon bucket
    • Superior in performance to preexisting media alternatives

    Learn more about STG by watching their instructional videos at


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