Sale Price Growcentia MAMMOTH P Bloom Booster, 1 Gallon


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Sale Price Growcentia MAMMOTH P Bloom Booster, 1 Gallon

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Unleash your plant's full growth potential with MAMMOTH P. MAMMOTH P is a university-tested patent-pending microbial biostimulant that naturally elevates phosphorus and micronutrient availability to support healthy vigorous plant growth. For use during vegetative and flowering stages in all media - from hydroponic to organic potting mixtures to soils. MAMMOTH P utilizes a consortia of natural beneficial soil bacteria that liberate phosphorus and other nutrients into a form that plants can efficiently utilize. This results in more efficient use of fertilizer and soil nutrients by plants. University-testing has demonstrated faster, more vigorous, and more consistent growth for a variety of plants- from turfgrass to vegetables to medicinal botanicals. Use with every watering, or with each reservoir fill through the blooming stage. Shake well before each use and never mix concentrates. MAMMOTH P from Growcentia can be used in conjunction with any nutrient formula and is safe with all pH buffers.

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