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  • Twister T4 Leaf Collector (1hp/115v)

    An innovative leaf collector engineered specifically for the Twister T4 trimmer.
  • Twister Clear Cut Lubricant 24 oz spray bottle

    WHAT IS CLEAR CUT? Designed specifically for gardening tools and machinery, Clear Cut’s lubricating properties provide an UNMATCHED non-stick coating to scissors, clippers, hedgers, and shears. Clear Cut is derived from 100% SAFE-Certified cosmetic grade hemp oil, making it safe for both your plants and your skin. WHY USE IT Do your gardening tools get gummed up due to too much cutting, trimming, and pruning? Then Clear Cut is your solution! Its superior non-stick properties help prevent build-up and ensure your tools stay clean and usable for as long as you need them. HOW TO USE IT Apply Clear Cut lubricant to your gardening tools and machinery before and during use to prevent build-up of residue. Even though it’s a high-viscosity plant-based oil, Clear Cut is designed to spray in a fine mist, so it’s easy to liberally and evenly coat your tools and machinery.
  • Twister Tumbler Scrub Brush T2

    The custom-designed Twister T2 tumbler brush makes cleaning your tumbler easier than ever before. It’s constructed from industrial-strength plastics and heavy duty nylon, which means it’s built to last but won’t harm or scratch your tumbler. Comes with 42" handle. The tumbler brush fits the Twister T2 and all older models.
  • Twister Rails Double T2 (Tandem)

    Want to finish your work twice as fast?? Our new Twister Rails allow two Twisters to be placed back-to-back on an adjustable incline. Twister Rails enable quick and convenient angle adjustments. Changing the pitch allows for faster or slower pass-through rates, giving the operator greater flexibilty for speed and ouput quality. -Extremely simple to set up and take down -Double your output -Improve output quality -Increase efficiency -Only one operator required to run two Twisters -Fold in half for easy transport and storage -Adjustment range 3.9″ / 98.5mm (0 – 3.3 degrees)
  • Twister Rails T2 (Extension)

    Upgrading from one machine to two and want to extend your single rail kit? Simply purchase this Twister Rails Extension.
  • Twister Rails T2 (Single)

    Twister T2 Rails enable quick and convenient angle adjustments. Changing the pitch allows for faster or slower pass-through rates, giving the operator greater flexibilty for speed and ouput quality. Adjustment Range 3.9″ / 98.5mm (0 – 8 Degrees)

    Retail: $575.00

    Special Price $564.00

  • Twister Tumbler - "Wet" (1/4 Inch Slot)

    The new Twister T2 Dry Tumbler boasts smaller, 1/8" slots, which allows the operator to process material when it's dry rather than wet. This has been a long-requested feature and we're happy to finally offer it.

    Retail: $995.00

    Special Price $935.00

  • Twister Tumbler - T2 "Dry" (1/8 Inch Slot)

    The Twister T2 Wet Tumbler has more cutting surface than ever before, which translates to a faster and more precise cut.
  • Twister Bottom Collection Bags (10-pack)

    Custom fit and designed specifically for the Twister T2 and older models. Odor-trapping and tear-resistant technology.
  • Twister Hose Cuff (6")

    Designed for and used in Japanese clean rooms. Once attached to the hose, this quick slip rubber hose cuff makes attaching and removing the hose extremely easy. Made from 100% natural rubber.
  • Twister Leaf Collector Remote Control T2 (220V)

    Our leaf collector remote starter is designed for those operators who prefer to put their leaf collector in a separate room or even outside. Simply plug it into the leaf collector and effortlessly turn it on and off from almost anywhere.
  • Twister T2 Canvas Cover

    Extremely durable and waterproof canvas cover provides ultimate protection for your machine when not in use. And the lightweight, minimalist design ensures it folds and stores easily, staying out of your way when you don't need it.

    Retail: $181.00

    Special Price $171.60

  • Twister T2 Leaf Collector (2hp/230v)

    The low profile Twister T2 leaf collector is the most powerful vacuum in the industry, allowing greater hose lengths and extended intervals between cleaning. The heavy duty fan-cooled motor has a continuous duty rating for commercial use. The 80 micron filter bag ensures maximum airflow for extended periods while the balanced aluminum impeller keeps noise to a minimum. The extra thick 3mil collection bag ensures no ripping and odor when disposed of. Built-in circuitry protects your investment from misuse. *** Generator Requirements 7500W (9000 Surge) MINIMUM Extension Cord Gauge: 12AWG MINIMUM Extension Cord Length: 25′ / 7.6M MAXIMUM Failure to meet these minimum requirements can cause damage.
  • Twister Hose Clamps (6")

    Designed for the Twister T2 leaf collector and older models.
  • Twister Top Filter Bag (80 micron)

    Twister T2 leaf collector 80 micron top filter bags allow maximum airflow for extended periods while keeping airborn debris to an absolute minimum. The large surface area gives the T2 leaf collector unsurpassed reliability, consistency, and filtration.