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  • Sentinel Power Expansion Regulator

    Power Expansion Modules increase the number OR size of the: lights fans, air conditioners and pumps in your growing area that can be "automated". Can control an additional 15A of power. The PXM-1 is 120v. No wiring required.
    When you need to control larger equipment with higher amperage, or when you need to increase the number or size of the lights, fans, air conditioners or pumps in your growing area... The Sentinel PXM-1 (15 amp@120vac) is the answer

    • The PXM is available in 2 models, the PXM-1 has 120-volt receptacles and the PXM-2 has 240-volt receptacles

    • Allows large devices up to 15 amps to be controlled

    • Install the pre-wired "trigger" cable into any controller or timer that is 120 volt.

    • Connect HID light fixtures. The PXM-1 allows you to connect two (2) 600 watt HID lights, the PXM-2 allows you to connect two (2) 1000 watt HID lights

    • Main Power: PXM-1 has 15 amp@120vac and PXM-2 has 15 amp@ 240vac


    Retail: $99.95

    Special Price $76.96

  • Sentinel HAC30A HiAerage Controller

    When trying to remotely control large amperage equipment such as air conditioners or heavy-duty fans, you need a device  like the HAC-30A. The HAC-30A makes it simple to control up to 30-amp @ 240 volt devices from a single timer or controller.

     An internal heavy-duty relay inside the HAC-30 is turned On and Off by  connecting the 15 ft "trigger cable" to any 120volt controller like the EVC or CHHC. When the controller turns ON, the trigger cable caries the voltage to the relay inside the HAC-30A, the relay activates,  and the device connected to the HAC-30A is energized. Think of the HAC as a remote high amperage switch.

    The HAC-30A is housed in a sealed, aluminum heat sink enclosure and can be mounted using the wall mount bracket included. The user must connect a 240 volt, up to 30 amp circuit to the HAC-30A.            

    * Some simple wiring is required.



    Retail: $159.95

    Special Price $110.06


    The Speedster™ is great multi purpose speed control. Three settings include off on (full) and variable. Simply use the dial to increase or decrease fan motor speed. 120 volt/15 amps. 90 day warranty.

    Retail: $29.95

    Special Price $20.97