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    Silicates in Action. Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin Review

    From time to time, our professional growers will review our products or give helpful knowledge. Enjoy!


    I'd like to take a second to explain Silicates and what they mean to your plant and how it aids in the growth rate and uptake of a plant system.  In most systems I prefer Rhino Skin from Advanced Nutrients.  My reasoning for this is the Potassium Silicate, and the Dioxide molecules used in this product.  The reason Potassium is important to be attached to silicates is that when used the plant confuses it partially for just its potassium value and allows the product to pass through its root base more frequently than a Dioxide derivative.


    This is important when using this product as silicates will get held up in the cell walls (making them more sturdy and resistant to many stresses such as heat, nutrition and  and the plants that will need added silicates will need the potassium trick to have the amount of uptake it may need but genetically doesn't uptake raw silicates properly.   With all the breeding and crosses that are on the market, vulnerabilities come in the form of recessive traits and cause great genetics to have slight strength issues.

    Silicates in action.
    Think of the opening of the plants cell walls to have parking garage entry and exit points.  When the gates open too much your plants can slump or snap when bent rather than bend as it should. Some phenos wont naturally take up enough silicate. If you are bending and the main stalk snaps instead of folds and bends it is a good indicator that your plants need a silicate specifically potassium silicate.
    When a silicate is delivered to the cell by the potassium being the agent the cell wants it and allows the potassium to enter but then parks the silicate in the cell wall not truly letting it in.  At this point that entry point is blocked off like a trailer that didn't clear the roof (by the silica).  The plant uses this as a strength point for that time and it acts like a pillar of strength in that area which in turn strengthens the cell and its bonding abilities to other cells while consuming the potassium and some but not all of the silica is being used for cell mitosis or growth.
    Now if you ever heard some one say it also helps your roots, they are referring to a silicate dioxide.  The way this interacts with the plant is it stimulates new root growth by being a prosthetic extension of the root it is saturating.  What this means is that it helps wick the nutrients to the root zone by magnetically attracting the positively charged nutrition to its negative dioxide charge.  then boom, the plant gets nutrition from further away than originally it would have been able to.
    Rhino Skin is a perfect blend of both types of silica and for that reason is a buy you will always make and never regret.
    Over usage can lead to nutritional lock out as you are closing down streets with this, but in most cases you need the traffic to be controlled to keep the plant happy and consistent so i use this product from week 2 of vegetative stage until week 6 of bloom of a 8-9 week bloom cycle. it is a favorite tool that in plant science is just now beginning a much fuller and capable understanding of the importance of silicates and their processes in botany.

    Posted on April 12, 2016 in Product Spotlight
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    Mighty Wash Review

    Mighty Wash is an effective product for eliminating mite problems in your garden. Great for taking care of all stages of infestation, it exterminates both living mites and their eggs. It comes in a ready-to-use formula so there is no dilution necessary, just pour it in and spray it on!

    Posted on May 11, 2012 in Product Spotlight

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    We offer all the leading brands of soils and soilless mixes, and we continually test our products and modify our selection based on what we think works well.



    Ocean Forest, 1.5 cubic feet - MSRP: $23.95  $12.50 (pallet prices as low as $11.67 per bag)

    One of our most popular soil mixes, Ocean Forest comes loaded with nutrients right off the bat. Enriched with sea-based fertilizers such as crab meal and fish meal as well as bat guano, composted forest humus and earthworm castings, this is a real hot mix that is ready to go for heavy feeding plants. Especially high in available nitrogen, be careful not to over-fertilize with too much nitrogen in the first few weeks if you are adding additional fertilizers.



    Happy Frog, 2.0 cubic feet - MSRP: $26.95  $15.69 (pallet prices as low as  14.67 per bag)

    This FoxFarm mix is alive! Inoculated with several strains of beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae Happy Frog is already thriving before you even plant in it! The extra large bag contains one third more medium, but there are less nutrients and more perlite in this mix. It contains a medium levels of nutrients, so fertilization will be required for heavy feeding plants, but this is great FoxFarm alternative where the nutrients in Ocean Forest are not appropriate.



    Roots Organics

    Organic Potting Soil, 1.5 cubic feet - MSRP: $23.95  $11.99 (pallet prices as low as  10.50 per bag)

    This natural and organic potting soil is perfect for just about any plant! An all around mix that incorporates coco fiber and perlite to increase soil pore space along with a high level of thoroughly composted nutrients. Contains bat guano, earth worm castings, fish bone meal, feather meal, green sand, mycorrihzae, glacial rock dust, soybean meal, humic acid, and many more. This is a very user friendly mix, and is perfect complement for all skill levels.


    Green Lite Potting Soil, 1.5 cubic feet - MSRP: $23.95  $14.95 (pallet prices as low as  11.95 per bag)

    Green Lite is a faster draining alternative to their organic potting soil, containing less nutrients so you have better control of what goes into your medium. Designed specifically as an indoor mix it has more perlite and pumice to give it additional pore space, incorporating more oxygen into the medium. This accelerates root growth and nutrient uptake which means you need to feed more often, resulting in blazing fast growth for any indoor plant.


    Formula 707 Potting Soil, 3.0 cubic feet - MSRP: $39.95  $26.95 (pallet prices as low as  24.95 per bag)

    The ideal outdoor mix ready-to-use off the shelf, packaged  in a 30 gallon grow-bag. Formula 707 boasts greater water retention capacity with less perlite and pumice. Contains a wide variety of nutrients such as coarse peat, coco fiber, compost,  worm castings, bat guano, fish bone meal, soybean meal, feather meal, kelp meal and much more. 20 gallons of media inside a 30 gallon grow bag, just poke holes in the bottom and plant in it and you're good to go.


    Dr. Earth

    Pot of Gold, 1.5 cubic feet - MSRP: $19.95  $14.63

    The newest edition to our selection of high performance soils, Pot of Gold by Dr. Earth has proven to be a great mix for a variety of garden plants. This mix contains a moderate amount of nutrients that will not burn, perfect for your favorite plants! All purpose indoor & outdoor container potting mix. Contains aloe vera and yucca extract. Beneficial soil microbes plus Mycorrhizae are part of the ProBiotic® Inside.


    Home Grown, 1.5 cubic feet - MSRP: $19.95  $14.63 

    This premium soil is great for growing herbs and vegetables, especially since it is manure free! Attractive packaging and a great aroma, this soil is a great choice for any garden! Specially designed to hold extra moisture using all natural Aloe Vera extract. This bag maintains a thriving micro-colony of soil organisms  at all times just waiting for a plant companion!

    Posted on May 11, 2012 in Newsletter Articles, Product Spotlight

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    6" Blazer Review

    The 6"  Blazer is a popular reflector and it is assembled with quality components all within the United States. It spreads the light evenly over a large footprint using a highly reflective aluminum interior.  Its sleek, lightweight design makes it a great choice for gardens with low ceilings.

    Posted on May 11, 2012 in Product Spotlight

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