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    Beat the Heat

    just chillin...

    Things are starting to heat up now with summer just around the corner! Avoid the high indoor temperatures associated with summer heat  by installing a water cooling systems. Many of our indoor gardeners report great success cooling their lights with these units.

    We offer great deals on all Chillking or EcoPlus water chiller! From 1/10 hp all the way to 5 hp!


















    Our water cooling system incorporates a couple components to effectively remove the heat that your HID lights produce. It chills a reservoir of water and then uses that water to remove the heat your lights produce with a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is placed on the exhaust flange of an air cooled reflector, and as the hot air contacts the heat exchanger the cold water running through it removes the heat.


    Eliminate the need for an air conditioner with a powerful water-cooled setup!


    Looking for smaller chillers? No problem, these ones a small enough to go indoors so they are quite versatile.


    EcoPlus 1/10 HP Chiller - 

    •  1/2" fittings, 950 BTU
    • 280 watts, 2.3 amps/120v
    • Capable of chilling 93 gal by 10F/35 gal by 30F
    • Pump Size: Minimum 132 GPH/Maximum 264 GPH
    • Dimensions are 10.5” W x 12” D x 14” H and weighs 31 lbs
    • One year limited warranty




    EcoPlus 1/4 HP Chiller - 

    • 3/4" fittings, 2200 BTU
    • 480 watts, 4 amps/120v
    • Capable of chilling 170 gal - 10° F/100 gal - 30° F
    • Pump Size: Minimum 633 GPH/Maximum 1056 GPH.
    •  Dimensions are 13” W x 15” D x 16” H and weighs 48.5 lbs
    •  One year limited warranty






    Don't want to deal with the components of a water chilled setup? Air conditioners are a more user friendly alternative to cooling your air.

    Try one of our high quality Ideal-air split air conditioners. With only 2 components, these systems can literally be installed in minutes.

    Ideal Air Split Air Conditioner Unit - 

    • Avaiable in 12,000, 24,000 and 36,000 BTU
    • Includes 2 units: (1) outdoor condenser unit (1) indoor cooling unit
    • High energy efficiency performance: 13 SEER air conditioner.
    • Designed for cooling with outside temperatures ranging from 49º to 105º F.
    • One year manufacturer warranty.
    • Auto restart after power failure.
    • Now with optional day/night mode.
    • Flexible stainless steel pre-charged 23' line set with quick connect fittings allows for easy Do It Yourself installation.  No technician required.
    • Can be used with the optional programmable thermostat with up to 4 temperature settings each day.
    They're so easy to use that they do not need to be installed by a professional. The condenser unit sits outside so it does not produce heat indoors, and the head unit is hung on the wall indoors. A flexible 23ft stainless steel refrigerant line set is included to connect the two units. All you have to do is connect the lines to the correct fitting and you can start cooling!
    We even offer portable air conditioners, for those who prefer simplicity and mobility. This air conditioner is energy efficient and will work with environmental controllers. This unit also utilizes a re-powering feature in the event of a power outage.

    Portable Digital Air Conditioner - 

    • 14,200 BTU
    • Works with timers or controllers (internal battery for memory)
    • ETL Listed
    • Operate using 3-speed control panel
    • Side-to-side air distribution improves cooling performance and energy efficiency
    • Built-in condensation tray
    • Extendable double-exhaust hose (up to 6')
    • Double pipe airflow for superior energy efficiency
    • Four casters make moving easy
    • Includes remote control, window kit, exhaust hoses and hose adaptors





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    We offer all the leading brands of soils and soilless mixes, and we continually test our products and modify our selection based on what we think works well.



    Ocean Forest, 1.5 cubic feet - MSRP: $23.95  $12.50 (pallet prices as low as $11.67 per bag)

    One of our most popular soil mixes, Ocean Forest comes loaded with nutrients right off the bat. Enriched with sea-based fertilizers such as crab meal and fish meal as well as bat guano, composted forest humus and earthworm castings, this is a real hot mix that is ready to go for heavy feeding plants. Especially high in available nitrogen, be careful not to over-fertilize with too much nitrogen in the first few weeks if you are adding additional fertilizers.



    Happy Frog, 2.0 cubic feet - MSRP: $26.95  $15.69 (pallet prices as low as  14.67 per bag)

    This FoxFarm mix is alive! Inoculated with several strains of beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae Happy Frog is already thriving before you even plant in it! The extra large bag contains one third more medium, but there are less nutrients and more perlite in this mix. It contains a medium levels of nutrients, so fertilization will be required for heavy feeding plants, but this is great FoxFarm alternative where the nutrients in Ocean Forest are not appropriate.



    Roots Organics

    Organic Potting Soil, 1.5 cubic feet - MSRP: $23.95  $11.99 (pallet prices as low as  10.50 per bag)

    This natural and organic potting soil is perfect for just about any plant! An all around mix that incorporates coco fiber and perlite to increase soil pore space along with a high level of thoroughly composted nutrients. Contains bat guano, earth worm castings, fish bone meal, feather meal, green sand, mycorrihzae, glacial rock dust, soybean meal, humic acid, and many more. This is a very user friendly mix, and is perfect complement for all skill levels.


    Green Lite Potting Soil, 1.5 cubic feet - MSRP: $23.95  $14.95 (pallet prices as low as  11.95 per bag)

    Green Lite is a faster draining alternative to their organic potting soil, containing less nutrients so you have better control of what goes into your medium. Designed specifically as an indoor mix it has more perlite and pumice to give it additional pore space, incorporating more oxygen into the medium. This accelerates root growth and nutrient uptake which means you need to feed more often, resulting in blazing fast growth for any indoor plant.


    Formula 707 Potting Soil, 3.0 cubic feet - MSRP: $39.95  $26.95 (pallet prices as low as  24.95 per bag)

    The ideal outdoor mix ready-to-use off the shelf, packaged  in a 30 gallon grow-bag. Formula 707 boasts greater water retention capacity with less perlite and pumice. Contains a wide variety of nutrients such as coarse peat, coco fiber, compost,  worm castings, bat guano, fish bone meal, soybean meal, feather meal, kelp meal and much more. 20 gallons of media inside a 30 gallon grow bag, just poke holes in the bottom and plant in it and you're good to go.


    Dr. Earth

    Pot of Gold, 1.5 cubic feet - MSRP: $19.95  $14.63

    The newest edition to our selection of high performance soils, Pot of Gold by Dr. Earth has proven to be a great mix for a variety of garden plants. This mix contains a moderate amount of nutrients that will not burn, perfect for your favorite plants! All purpose indoor & outdoor container potting mix. Contains aloe vera and yucca extract. Beneficial soil microbes plus Mycorrhizae are part of the ProBiotic® Inside.


    Home Grown, 1.5 cubic feet - MSRP: $19.95  $14.63 

    This premium soil is great for growing herbs and vegetables, especially since it is manure free! Attractive packaging and a great aroma, this soil is a great choice for any garden! Specially designed to hold extra moisture using all natural Aloe Vera extract. This bag maintains a thriving micro-colony of soil organisms  at all times just waiting for a plant companion!

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    Cloning Tips

    Cloning, or asexual propagation, is the act of generating a genetic copy of a plant by replanting a part of the original plant. The technique is used successfully by many commercial greenhouses throughout the world to successfully grow large quantities of standardized  plants. Wild plants such as spider plants and strawberries, and even trees like poplars use this method to increase their size. Cloning is a great way to maintain a perpetual garden and cut down on the cost of buying seeds every year. Also, because each clone is a genetic copy to the original plant there will be little to no variability between clones. To take a clone you must:

    1) Find a healthy above-ground stem on the plant, preferably a lower branch. 2) Look at the stem you selected, make sure there are at least 3 total nodes on the stem. One node at the very top, one at the bottom and one in the middle. A node is where the petiole connects to the main stem. 3) Remove the leaves and petioles completely from only the bottom node, roots will emerge only from nodes so it is important to get this right. 4) Using a sharp blade angled downward at a 45 degree angle, cut as close to bottom node as you can get without actually cutting the node off. The bottom stem of the plant should be angled like the tip on a hypodermic needle. 5) If using a cloning gel or solution apply that generously to the entire bottom node.



    • You should take cuttings from stems with a diameter of ⅛” to ¼”, these will root the most easily.
    • Feel the node where the roots are going to grow. If it feels hard/woody try to select a stem with softer vegetative tissue
    • Use a clean razor blade or scalpel. Sharper is better, but be careful!
    • If you have taken a cutting which has very large leaves or a smaller stem, cut off part of the leaves to prevent losing too much water to transpiration.
    • Oxygenate your water!


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    Silicon - Armor for your Plants!

    Silicon – Armor for Your Plants

    Strong plants yield more than weak ones, so it is best to start supplementing your plant with silicon once your  plants are well rooted. Plants can uptake silicon through their roots, and with also through the stomata on the leaves. Silicon is naturallychelated by potassium and so it helps to improve nutrient uptake and transfer into the vascular tissue. Once inside the plant,it is incorporated into and around cell walls strengthening the tissues of the plant further protecting it further from pathogenic and fungal infections.

    Silicon has also been shown to protect plants from high salinity stress, which will protect your plant from heavily  accumulated nutrients in your medium. Silicon can also protect your plant from drying out, by increasing its drought resistance. Plants that have accumulated silica into their cell wall spaces have been shown to tolerate dryer conditions.

    Concentrations of dissolved silicon between 10-50ppm have been shown to be beneficial for many plants, and in almost all trials plants supplemented with silicon grew better than those that were not supplemented with silicon.


     HOW TO USE SILICON IN SOIL: Diatomaceous earth is 80-90% silicon, so amending it into your soil before planting at the rate of ¼ cup diatomaceous earth per 1 gallon of soil will work best. You can also water in diatomaceous earth(2tbsp per gallon) or another silicon supplement(see below) by hand with a watering can.

    Diatomaceous Earth (an organic supplement)


    HOW TO USE SILICON IN HYDRO: There are many silicon supplements available on the market, the ones we recommend are: Dyna-Gro ProTekt, Grotek Pro-Silicate, or Botanicare Silica Blast. All of these products can be added to reservoirs at the rate of 1-5ml per gallon of water. Please note that the silicon solution is basic, and adding it to your reservoir may raise your reservoir pH. Make sure your pH stays in the correct range and add a small amount of pH down if necessary.

    Dyna-Gro - Pro-Tekt

    Grotek - Pro Silicate

    Botanicare - Silica Blast

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