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    Beat the Heat

    just chillin...

    Things are starting to heat up now with summer just around the corner! Avoid the high indoor temperatures associated with summer heat  by installing a water cooling systems. Many of our indoor gardeners report great success cooling their lights with these units.

    We offer great deals on all Chillking or EcoPlus water chiller! From 1/10 hp all the way to 5 hp!


















    Our water cooling system incorporates a couple components to effectively remove the heat that your HID lights produce. It chills a reservoir of water and then uses that water to remove the heat your lights produce with a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is placed on the exhaust flange of an air cooled reflector, and as the hot air contacts the heat exchanger the cold water running through it removes the heat.


    Eliminate the need for an air conditioner with a powerful water-cooled setup!


    Looking for smaller chillers? No problem, these ones a small enough to go indoors so they are quite versatile.


    EcoPlus 1/10 HP Chiller - 

    •  1/2" fittings, 950 BTU
    • 280 watts, 2.3 amps/120v
    • Capable of chilling 93 gal by 10F/35 gal by 30F
    • Pump Size: Minimum 132 GPH/Maximum 264 GPH
    • Dimensions are 10.5” W x 12” D x 14” H and weighs 31 lbs
    • One year limited warranty




    EcoPlus 1/4 HP Chiller - 

    • 3/4" fittings, 2200 BTU
    • 480 watts, 4 amps/120v
    • Capable of chilling 170 gal - 10° F/100 gal - 30° F
    • Pump Size: Minimum 633 GPH/Maximum 1056 GPH.
    •  Dimensions are 13” W x 15” D x 16” H and weighs 48.5 lbs
    •  One year limited warranty






    Don't want to deal with the components of a water chilled setup? Air conditioners are a more user friendly alternative to cooling your air.

    Try one of our high quality Ideal-air split air conditioners. With only 2 components, these systems can literally be installed in minutes.

    Ideal Air Split Air Conditioner Unit - 

    • Avaiable in 12,000, 24,000 and 36,000 BTU
    • Includes 2 units: (1) outdoor condenser unit (1) indoor cooling unit
    • High energy efficiency performance: 13 SEER air conditioner.
    • Designed for cooling with outside temperatures ranging from 49º to 105º F.
    • One year manufacturer warranty.
    • Auto restart after power failure.
    • Now with optional day/night mode.
    • Flexible stainless steel pre-charged 23' line set with quick connect fittings allows for easy Do It Yourself installation.  No technician required.
    • Can be used with the optional programmable thermostat with up to 4 temperature settings each day.
    They're so easy to use that they do not need to be installed by a professional. The condenser unit sits outside so it does not produce heat indoors, and the head unit is hung on the wall indoors. A flexible 23ft stainless steel refrigerant line set is included to connect the two units. All you have to do is connect the lines to the correct fitting and you can start cooling!
    We even offer portable air conditioners, for those who prefer simplicity and mobility. This air conditioner is energy efficient and will work with environmental controllers. This unit also utilizes a re-powering feature in the event of a power outage.

    Portable Digital Air Conditioner - 

    • 14,200 BTU
    • Works with timers or controllers (internal battery for memory)
    • ETL Listed
    • Operate using 3-speed control panel
    • Side-to-side air distribution improves cooling performance and energy efficiency
    • Built-in condensation tray
    • Extendable double-exhaust hose (up to 6')
    • Double pipe airflow for superior energy efficiency
    • Four casters make moving easy
    • Includes remote control, window kit, exhaust hoses and hose adaptors





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    Fighting Spider Mites

    Theres nothing worse than watching your plants get eaten by spider mites. It is truly a sad sight to watch all your hard work undone by those nasty little critters.

    Don't let your plants get eaten by those pesky bugs this season! Fight back!



    The staff here at GrowGreenMi is happy to introduce you to an effective product! We have been using Mighty Wash and have nothing but positive results.

    Heres some information about Mighty Wash:

    • Mighty wash is an effective solution to any spider mite problem. It is easy to use, and is a great addition to any garden.
    • Mighty Wash is people and pet safe, and contains no harmful/toxic chemicals.
    • It can be used at any point in the growth season, no need to worry about getting a nasty chemicals on your precious flowers.
    • Foggers and spray-cans may seem like the best solution, but the people have made the switch from can-based pesticides to Mighty Wash have given us so much positive feedback.





    Might Wash comes ready to use, no dilution is required. Diluting the product will render it ineffective, so DO NOT DILUTE IT. 

    This products works great with a hand sprayer, but larger applications we prefer to use an atomizer.

    Mighty Wash will eliminate spider mites, along with their eggs and larvae. This is an all-in-one spider mite solution.




    1. 1) Load the Mighty Wash undiluted into the spraying device.
    2. 2) Get it your plant wet. I mean really, really wet. Get it soaking wet. Cover the tops and bottoms of the leaves, the stems, the flower sites and the top of the soil/medium.
    3. 3) Allow the water to evaporate, which will leave a thin film of the product on your plant. Do not wash the film off immediately, wait at least a day for the plant to dry completely.
    4. 4) Repeat once more in 5-7 days.


    Two treatments are generally sufficient to remove the infestation, but some gardens with more advanced infestations may require 3 treatments.

    This most important thing is to completely cover the surfaces of your entire plant with the product, and not to leave any plants uncovered.

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    Fighting Root Rot

    What is root rot? 

    Root rot is a fatal plant disease where the roots of the plant quickly rot and subsequently that kills the entire plant. It can be caused by several waterborne pathogens, and infection generally begins in the roots of plants, consuming nutritive substances within the plant’s vascular system. Indoor plants tend to suffer the most frequently from root rot while infection tends to be rarer outdoors.

    What are the common symptoms of root rot?

    • Brown, slimy roots
    • Severely stunted growth
    • Wilting persists even after plant is watered
    • Stems can be easily bent (not turgid)
    • Small leaves with interveinal chlorosis (yellowing)
    • Lower branches begin to die, eventually whole plant dies
    • Necrotic spots may appear on foliage and stems

    What are the common causes of root rot?

    • Poorly-draining media leading to waterlogging
    • Medium does not contain enough pore space for air
    • Clay soils can compact over time, squeezing air out of the medium
    • Tools that have previously contacted infected tissue
    Root Rot Example

    How can I identify root rot?

     The easiest way to diagnose root rot is to directly examine the root area and look for slimy discolored tissue. In a hydroponic setup this is generally easy to accomplish by lifting the plant out of its container just long enough to examine the “root ball.”

    In soil grown plants, the medium can make diagnosis a bit more difficult. Soil sample test kits which test for pathogens are available, however an alternative (and less expensive) method for diagnosis in soil applications is detailed below:

    • Find the plant you think is infected with root rot.
    • With your index finger push aside a section of the top 2-3 inches of soil in your container.

    (this part can be tricky at first, make sure to sample several sections)

    • Look for discolored brown roots or a gelatinous slime, both are indicative of infection

    It is important that plants whose roots are observed to display a high level of infection should be removed, as there is no cure for root rot once a plant is infected. Plants displaying a light to moderate level of infection can sometimes be revived, but it is recommended to throw out any infected plant due to the risk of cross-contamination. Cuttings can generally be taken successfully from infected plants without issue,  if you do not wish to lose the plant completely.


    Healthy Roots

    We have many products that can help you get healthy roots like these.

    Hydrogren Peroxide - A common solution to hydroponic root rot, not reccomended for soil. Will kill the infecting bacteria and turn turn roots white. Use in reservoir at 2ml per gallon.

    Mykos Mycorrhizal Inoculants - A great way to encourage root growth in soil setups. Just add and generous amount of the powder to your water before watering and let the fungal colonies help rebuild your roots.

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