About Us

About Grow Green MI

  • Grow Green MI is located in a 75,000 square foot facility with four truck docks in Whitmore Lake, MI.
  • Grow Green MI offers customers the ability to walk in and purchase, or we can ship the items to 48 states.
  • Open Saturday from 11:00AM to 5:00PM and Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 7:00PM.
  • Grow Green has a fleet of vehicles to discretely deliver customer products.
  • We offer indoor parking to discretely load your vehicle and stay warm in the winter months.
  • Grow Green buys products from suppliers in BULK and that savings is passed onto you: the GROWER.
  • Grow Green stocks over 300 six gallon containers, 15 Gallon, and 55 gallon barrels of nutrients for growers.
  • Grow Green stocks 20 pallets of Pro-Mix and over 75 other soils including coco, worm casting, humas, rockwool, and many other mediums.
  • Home of $65 Hortilux 1000 Watt Lamps!

Customers that we have built monster gardens for over the years have been able to increase not only their yields, but also their quality. We have a customer by the name of Mr. Green that has been a dedicated customer over the years, and his privacy is important to him. In the summer of 2014 we worked closely with Mr. Green, by introducing some new garden techniques and Gavita lighting which increased his yields by over 20% and generated an increase of his revenue of over $15,000 in only eight weeks. Isn’t that a great increase?

Similar benefits are possible for you, we truly LOVE what we do, and want to build you a Monster Garden.


Our staff of highly trained and educated people includes professionals such as:

Horticulture Specialists Staff

Our Staff builds a relationship with you and asks questions to understand how to help you with your buying decision. Our staff provides solutions to sensitive questions and respects your privacy. As our relationship with you builds, we don't force sales on you, but rather support you in the important decisions you're needing make. Your garden is an investment and having access to our Grow Green Horticulture staff can increase your yields and investment and, in the long run, make you money. We believe in educating and explaining concepts to people by asking questions about where they are today, where they will be in six months to two years, and uncovering what barriers are preventing them from achieving their DREAM garden.

If you want a MONSTER GARDEN with results that will make your ROI (Return on Investment) go through the roof, just ask our staff! We are here to SERVE.

Electrical Engineers from Michigan State University

Your investment is connected to electricity and power loads, proving SAFETY is important. You need to have confidence in sizing the correct lighting to accomplish the proper light distribution for good yields. We even offer a 14 page lighting anaysis for rooms with more then eight lights. Don't wonder what the answers are; get answers to all your questions at Grow Green MI.
Our staff has the knowledge to automate your grow room to save you labor hours, which saves you money.
We work with your budget to MAXIMIZE your dollars to get you the highest return on your investment.

Return & Customer Service Staff

Our team of friendly and knowledgable staff is here to serve you in your time of need. As many of know, returns are no fun to deal with. Our staff makes the pain go away by offering a prompt and professional response to help you maneuver the manufacture warranty processes. Our staff is courteous and accomodating when you need us during the past the purchase process.


Delivery & Shipping Staff

  • Our Shipping Department has the ability to quickly and accurately ship your package in a discrete way to protect the idenity of the package.
  • Our drivers will deliver your grow items directly to your property, as you desire. We have fleet of vehicles to deliver pallets of product in van loads depending on the size of your order. Ask a service representive for more information.
What Customers Say

"Twister T4 saved me 100s of man hours on my last crop which saved me money."
"You're worth the drive. I brought three friends to BULK UP."
"Wow, this place is HUGE".

"Your products are top quality, product was here when I needed it, and the price is right."
"It's like ten of my corner stores in one building!"

"I have never seen a skid of 1000 watt Hortilux bulbs in a store before."
"Dude, you have five gallons in minutes without special ordering, SWEET."
"My girlfriend really appreciated the time you spent answering all her questions. Thank you."
"You have no idea how how much you helped me, the manufacturer didn't even think of your solutions."
"I thought this was a two man operation, but after talking to you I can tell this is a REAL company."
"I drove all the way from OHIO after I heard the radio ad."
"Man, I came from Bay City and I saved so much money by making the drive."
"I compared my local hydro store to your hydro store side by side. You smoked them!"
"Wow, you actually have over 45 Gavitas in stock!"
"My business partner was buying from another store and the other store was mean to him. You were nice to work with on the quote, beat the prices, and didn’t have to break balls."
"I placed my order with Stealth Checkout, that is KILLER. I can pay cash online"